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Google Panda and Google Penguin Outbreak

In this days, it sad to say that dominating google rankings isn't easy anymore,because of some google changes and updates. Like Google Panda that aims to to remove those low quality sites that are loaded with spamming and plagiarize content; Google Penguin that targeting websites that are violating the google quality guidelines.

Today, millions of websites are struggling and aiming to get ranked, but only a few got it. And because Google wants and likes high quality sites that have a good record and credibility,they can be easily get a good rankings,and for those who uses the BLACK HAT SEO,sorry to say that google hates that.

Google still changing and updating its algorithm,so it's very important for you and for us to be updated.As long as PANDA and PENGUIN are partners, we need to follow the guidelines and policies that google has.


Marietta Nixon said...

I find it kind of funny that they decide to use such a cute little clip art penguin and panda. Yet the Google Penguin is anything but cute. It means business for some.

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