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Watch Savages Movie Online

Savages is a upcoming movie of 2012, that was based on the novel of Don Winslow, involving crime-thriller movie. The movie will be released on July 2012,starring Aaron Johnson,Blake Lively and Taylor Kitsch.

Savages movie is directed by Oliver Stone, Pot growers Chon and Ben faced the Mexican drug cartel who kidnapped their shared girlfriend.

The savages movie started to shoot on August 2011 in the Pacific Palisades and entered the post-production in October 2011.In April 2011,Lively had joined the film.

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Riks said...

Savages is drama and thriller movie.I like this type of movie.

swill388 said...

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Here comes a Amazing story with great Action. The name of the movie is Savages. The movie "Savages" is directed by Oliver Stone and Written by Don Winslow, Shane, Salerno. Oliver Stone is a very famous name in the Hollywood. This is a story about two men who are sharing on girlfriend. Because they both are in love with the same girl. Watch Movies free Online without downloading. Get all the information about this movie from this site.

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