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Watch The Dark Knight Rises Movie Online

The Dark Knight Rises is an upcoming film of the famous Director Christopher Nolan, that was based in the DC Comics Character which is Batman. The Dark Knight Rises is the sequel of the movie Batman Begins in the year 2005 and The Dark Knight in 2008. In this movie, the story will going to end.

The movie was taken in different places like India, London, L.A, New York, New Jersey, Pittsburgh, Nottingham and Glasgow.

The Dark Knight Rises will be release in US, UK, and Canada on July 2012. Starring Christian Bale as (Batman),Anne Hathaway as (Selina Kyle / Catwoman),Joseph Gordon-Levitt as (John Blake) and Tom Hardy as (Bane).

After eight years the crime happened The Dark Knight, Batman returns to Gotham, at the same time the new terrorist leader (bane) also arises to  destroy Gotham City. 


Manisha said...

I really love to watch movies online and The Dark Knight Rises movie was the one which no one can miss !

swill388 said...

Everybody have seen all the movies of Batman but this movie The Dark Knight Rises is so amazing and will give you complete entertainment for you. The post which is posted by the author of this blog is awesome.

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